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Download Recommendation


Free SunOne Server 7

Free SunOne Application Tutorial

General Info

Register A Test

Check Test Score

Sun's Training Pacakge

Sun Certification Info

Java Training Path

SCJP Objectives(310-035)

SCJD Objectives(310-027)

SCWCD Objectives(310-080)

SCEA Objectives(310-050)

JDK & Java Specifications

Download Java 2 Platform,Standard Edition 1.4.0

Download CodeFusion MX, a java program built on JRun technology, adds productivity layer on J2EE technology. Less Java skill needed to grasp it. Free evaluation and white paper

Download Java 2 Platform,Standard Edition 1.3.1 or above at

How to install jdk1.4 for Windows

JDK1.4 Documentation

JDK1.3 Documentation

JDK1.2 Documentation

Code Conventions for Java Programming Language

Sun's Applet Tutorial

Sun's Applet Demonstration

jdk1.4 plug-in developer's guide

Unified Modeling Language (UML)
UML tool list and tutorials

Free Text Editors


NoteTab Light

GNU Emacs

NotesPad, not Windows built-in NotePad



EDXOR1.6, works on many languages

SuperEdi 3.2

HTML kit

Webmaster 3.2

AceHtml 5.08

Advanced Feature

SUN's RMI documentation

The Lifecycle of an RMI Server

Java Object Serialization Specification

SUN's RMI and Object Serialization FAQ for JDK1.3


For the SolarisTM operating environment: see SUN's Solaris rmic at

For the Microsoft Windows platform: see SUN's Win32 rmic at

100% Pure Java Certification

Free Books

How to write & read object to a file

SUN's Look and Feel Design Guideline(online book>

Free JavaPro Magazine

Free IT Magazine Registration

Matthew Robinson'Swing

Mark Wutka 's JAVA Expert Solutions

James W. Cooper's Java Design Patterns

Bruno R. Preiss's Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java



SUN's tutorial topic list

Java Development Connection Tutorial topic list

Fundamentals of RMI

Getting started with RMI

Sun's RMI home page

SUN's RMI tutorial

Java World

Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing

Swing changes and new features in JDK1.3

Articles about Swing

Swing changes in jdk1.4

Java World articles

Java Design Patterns-James Cooper On-line book

SUN's guideline

Microsoft Guidelines

Developer's guide

IBM's guide





Visual Café

Mini Online Quiz (for 2003) Provided by Sun Online Training

Inner class (variable accessibility)


Sun's quizzes index

Useful sites

java ranch Several tutorials on java.regex package.

java regex A tutorial about how to use regex package.

J2EE study site under construction